Meet Conservative Businessman Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a Businessman and Restaurateur who rose to local prominence by actively opposing Sam Page's restrictions and shutdown of local businesses.

Brown has been actively involved in republican politics as the Chairman of Franklin County Republican Central Committee, the Missouri National Committeeman for the Young Republican National Federation, and GOP Vice-chair 26th Senatorial District. As a small-business owner Ben Brown has seen first-hand how out-of-control government regulations can kill our small businesses and destroy our local economy. Brown believes the restrictions put in place by Sam Page have cost our families and our communities and caused irreversible harm to our economy.

Ben Brown believes the primary role of government is to secure the rights of its people. His agenda centers upon restoring government to its intended role as well as advancing the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets. Brown believes one of the top areas of concern right now is reforming emergency powers granted to local governments to ensure that religious freedom, parental rights, ability to safely conduct business, freedom to assemble and other constitutionally guaranteed rights are never infringed upon. Brown would also look to create safeguards to prevent the unconstitutional infringement of rights by the Federal government and other sources in the future.

Brown lives in Washington, Missouri with his family where they have been actively involved in the local community for years. Brown is a member of the Missouri Restaurant Association, the NRA, and actively involved in the Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Ben Brown is ready to fight for Missouri Values

Back the Blue

Ben Brown is a strong supporter of our law enforcement officers and first responders. He opposes liberal attempts to defund our police. As State Senator, Ben Brown will ensure our law enforcement officers and first responders have the tools, resources, and funding they need to keep our families and our communities safe.

End Abusive Government Overreach

As a small business owner, Ben Brown saw first-hand how out of control government overreach destroyed our local economies during the COVID-19 shut downs. Ben Brown led the local fight to reopen our businesses and is now ready to fight for you in Jefferson City to make sure the unchecked power of government bureaucracies is finally reigned in.

Protect the Second Amendment

Ben Brown is a proud member of the NRA and supporter of the constitutional rights of all law-abiding Americans. Ben Brown has stood firm against infringements on gun rights and will fight to ensure the Biden-Harris gun control agenda stays out of Missouri!


Ben Brown is 100% Pro-Life and will always fight to protect innocent life of the born and unborn.


As a small-business owner Ben Brown knows how high taxes are crippling our businesses and our families. Ben Brown is against raising taxes on hardworking Missourians.

Get Involved

This campaign won't be easy--we'll need your help! Please take a minute to sign up below to join our team and fight to ensure we have a conservative voice representing us in Jefferson City. We need a team of volunteers to make phone calls, go door to door, put up our signs, and host events in their communities.

Campaign Internship

Ben Brown for Missouri is seeking bright, energetic individuals to work for our field and campaign operation. We are seeking individuals in Franklin, Warren, Gasconade, and Osage County. Internships are unpaid and responsibilities include:

  • Recruit and train volunteers to participate in the political process
  • Learn canvassing skills including operating canvassing software, targeting voters with multiple points of contact including door-to-door and phone banking.
  • Attend party-specific events including debates, neighborhood meetings, fundraisers
  • Research and scheduling for voter outreach - neighborhood associations, HOA’s, community events for tabling
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